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Digital timer switch

12v digital timer clock
Digital timer 12vdc
This compact 12vdc digital timer switch has 17 programmable on/off times which include individual days plus group days. ie. weekends, every day and every other day ect. it also has a manual override button and a red indicator to show the status of the output.
Comes complete with clear setting instructions, mounting screws and crimp spade terminals. This clock must be protected with a 1 amp fuse for standby operation (clock and back up battery charging) and up to 5 amp fuse for the on/off switched output. 


Colour: light grey/ white
Overal Size: 60mm x 60mm x 33mm
Standby current: 6ma / 23ma
Voltage DC: 12vdc
Maximum switched load: 5 amps 
Output switch: on/off volt-free




12vdc Timer


Delay timer switch

12v delay timer relay
Delay timer 12vdc
This compact 12vdc adjustable 30 seconds to 30 minutes delay on/off timer switch has contacts suitable for use up to 240vac. The double pole change over contacts mean it can be used for delay on or off at the same time. (adjustable timer supplied with socket as shown).

Colour: light black/ white
Overal Size: 115mm x 75mm x 22mm
Standby current: 6ma / 23ma
Voltage DC: 12vdc
Maximum switched load: 5 amps 
Output switch: on/off volt-free two poles




Adjustable delay timer


Voltage Meter

12 to 24v panel voltage meter blue
Digital amp and voltage meter
Blue Voltage or Dual colour Voltage/Current Meter  
These digital display panel meters  are a great addition to your solar system allowing you to keep a close eye on the volt of your battery and dual version current being used.
The capacity of lead-acid batteries is relative to the voltage at the terminals, adding this meter allows you to monitor the capacity of the battery and avoid damaging it by over draining.
Colour: Blue LED (15mm)
Overal Size: 48 x 29 x 22mm
Panel cut out 45.5mm x 27.5mm
Cable length 100m
Standby current: 10ma:12v
Voltage DC: 5 to 30vdc

Voltage/ Current:
Colour: Blue/Red LED (8mm)
Overal Size: 48 x 29 x 22mm
Panel cut out 45.5mm x 27.5mm
Cable lengths 100m
Standby current: 10ma:12v
Voltage DC: 5 to 30vdc
Current DC: 0 to 10 Amp 



Blue Voltage Meter


Safety Adaptor (UK)

RCD trip plug socket
RCD Safety Adaptor  (UK)
Residual Current Device (RDC) is a protective safety trip that cuts the power to an appliance under dangerous conditions. The RDC monitors the power supplied to an electrical appliance and cuts the power within 40 millisecond if an earth fault is detected. The RCD should be plugged in indoors and used to protect the operator when an appliance might have have its own wire cut by accident or if moisture could come into contact with the appliance being used.  ie lawn mowing, water pumps, outdoor lighting. Power drills ect. 

Suitable for UK only
Colour: grey
Size: 110 x 50 x 70mm
Voltage: 240V ac 50Hz
Maximum load 3120 watts
Trip Current: 30ma 
Trip speed: 40ms 


RCD Safety Adaptor (UK)

Cable Mains

3183Y type mains cable

This 3 core flexible PVC mains cable is suitable for 220v-240v ac products. Available with outer sheath in black or white. 


  • Sold by the metre, A quantity of 5 would be cut to 5 metres in length.
  • Harmonised colours
  • 1mm² conductor (32 x 0.2)
  • 10 amp rating
  • Outer dia 7.2mm


Cable 3 core

UK mains plug

UK domestic mains plug

UK 3 pin mains plug fitted with 3 amp fuse complete with wiring instructions.


  • Already fitted with 3 amp fuse
  • Suited to our 3 core cable


UK mains plug

5 Metre

Extension Kit

5m wire extension kit
5 Metre Extension Kit
Twin cable red and black and 3 amp terminal block suitable for extending cable lengths for our LED products. (not suitable for 5 amp photocells)

Colour: Red & Black
Size: 5m length
Conductor size: 2 x 14/0.2 (2 x 0.5mm)

Extention Kit

If you order multiple kits the cable will be supplied as one length however you will still get the terminals for how many you have ordered




batteries AA and AAA
Batteries      12 pack   Brand new shelf life date for AA"July 2033"
Replacement Alkaline AA & AAA batteries suitable for the following LED flashers or other battery operated products.
  • SF2AA5W1 /SF2AA5W2  AA
  • SF2AA5S1                      AA
  • TF2AA5W1                     AA
  • HEXLED-B                      AA
  • TV simulator                    AA
  • Window Flashers            AAA  (Year 2020)
Colour: See Photo
Type Ultra-Alkaline GP
Size: AA 
Size AAA
Voltage: 1.5v
Packed weight approx: 0.280kg 

Storage and why it is important to know the shelf life date before you buy.
New batteries will lose power over time even if they are not used and this is known as the shelf life. The shelf life date of a battery is when the rated power falls to below 50% of the original charge. New unused batteries with a shelf life of only a year may have only 50% of their original charge. Storing batteries in cool dry conditions helps to reduce power being lost and therefore gives extended shelf life. The Alkaline batteries we sell are stored correctly and should have a shelf life of up to 5 years. This means in 5 years time they should still retain 50% of their original charge.


Inline Holder

and Fuse

Inline fuse and holder.
Inline Holder and Fuse
These in-line fuse holders come complete either 1.25amp or 2.5amp fuse ( 220-250v AC) making them suitable for some photocells and the 12v time clock

Rating: 2.5 amps @220-250v ac
Rating: 1.25 amps @220-250v ac 
Size : 5mm x 20mm
Type: Time delay 

Inline Holder + 2.5A Fuse

Mini blade

Low Voltage Fuse

fuse holder with fuse
Mini blade fuse and holders
Mini blade Low Voltage Fuse
Mini low voltage blade fuse holders and fuses are suitable for cars, boats and solar applications and are ideal for our full range of low voltage dusk to dawn photocell switches 6v,12v and 24v.
Please note: Our low voltage photocells can be fused up to a maximum of a 5 amp fuse. 

Voltage rating: up to 32V
Current choice: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 7.5A, 10A.

UK Plug Top Fuse

fuses for UK mains plugs
UK Plug Top Fuse
Standard UK mains "plug top" fuses

Rating: available in 3 standard ratings, 2, 3, 5 and 13 amps
Size: 6.5mm x 25mm  (1 inch x 0.25 inch)
Please note; these fuses are not for the In-line Holder listed above.


Plug-top-fuse UK BS1362

Amp rating

Connection Box

Connection Box
Connection Box
Small connection boxes which are ideal for making a terminal block connection safe.

Colour: grey
External size: 70mm x 70mm with a depth of 45mm (2.75 inch x 2.75inch x 1.75 inch)
Internal size: 60mm x 60mm with a depth of 38mm (2.36 inch x 2.36 inch x 1.5 inch)
Rating: IP55 (splash proof) with 7 cable entries

Please note our photocells will not fit this box

Out of stock

Cable Ties

Tie wraps
Cable Ties
These weather proof nylon cable ties to keep all your connections secure and neat.

Colour: Black or Translucent White
Size: 100mm or 200mm (4 inch or 8 inch)


Cable ties (bag 100)


Earth Sleeving

Earth sleaving green / yellow
Earth Sleeving

Colour: Green and Yellow PVC
Size: 1 metre length (40 inches) and an internal diameter 3mm (0.12 inch)

Earth Sleeving

Cable Glands

Cable glands for enclosures

Cable Glands

These glands are suitable for used outdoors and when used inside offer great cable retention and protection when used with the metal clad double pole fused isolation switch and both sizes come with a retaining nut.

Size: available in M16 and M20
Rating: P68 gland

If you require extra glands for the CellOptik enclosure you will require the M20 version.

Cable Glands


Insulation Tape

Insulation tape all colours
Insulation Tape
A quality PVC electrical insulation tape providing exceptional electrical and mechanical protection.  Manufactured to comply with BS 3929 and IEC454.

Colour: 5 standard colours (red, blue, black, brown, green and yellow)
Size:19mm wide (0.75 inch) with a nominal thickness of 0.15mm.  Supplied in 20m reels(65 feet)
Operating temperature: a expansive temperature operating range (0 to +80°C)
Electrical properties: offering a Dielectric breakdown voltage of 40KV/mm and an elongation of 170%.


Insulation Tape


M-Clad Fused

Neon Spur

Connection Box
M-Clad Fused Neon Spur
Metal double pole fused neon isolation switch

Size:  82mm x 82mm x 42 depth( 3.22 inches x 3.22 inches x 1.65 inches)
Rating: 13 amps 240V ac
Available:  2, 3, 5, 13 amp fuses

Ideal for use as an isolation to our dusk to dawn switches, when used as the protection fuse for our CellOptik range of photocells it must be changed for a 3 Amp fuse (max) or 2 amp if being used with the Cyclops 232d. Suitable fuse is one from our FU-DOM range.


M-Clad Fused Neon Spur

Neon Indicator

neon 240v indicators
Neon Indicator
An attractive panel mount mains operated "neon gas bulb" indicator in a choice of colours. The housings are manufactured from polycarbonate and available in red, amber and green with 150mm connection leads. Ideal for locally indicating the presents of mains power when connected to our dusk to dawn switches. They all require a 10mm hole and are 45mm long (11.5mm front and protudes 8mm)  Operating voltage 220-250V ac.)


Neon Indicator

Terminal Block


12 way terminal junction strips
Terminal Block Strips
A range of terminal blocks for all your connections including 5,10 and 15 Amp versions and all are rated up to 380v and therefore suitable for our 12, 24, 110 and 240v photocells. They are in strips of 12 terminals and can be easily cut to the required size. 


Terminal Block Strips

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