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Q, How do I wire up a 220-240v photocell?
A, Watch this video 
Q Do you sell "dawn to dusk" as apposed to dusk to dawn? 
A, Yes, There are drop-down lists on the photocell product lines giving the options we do. 
Q, Do I need a fuse in-line with your photocell?
A, All circuits using photocells must be fused with the correct rating. (UK mains 3 amp max)
Q, Can you supply Volt-Free contacts?
A, Yes, Volt free versions are built to order and are charged a GBP1.00 more than the standard version.
Q, Can you supply a 12v Photocell with under voltage protection?
A, Yes, we do manufacture to order a special 12v Photocell with Under Voltage Protection (cut off voltage 11v reset 12.5v)
Q, Can I power your photocells with a time switch?
A, Our mains powered photocells are designed to be switched on and left on and are therefore not suitable for time switches.
A, If you need to use a time switch we offer a Volt-Free version (VF) which are suitable and also one with a built in timer photocell. (Eco version)  
Q, How can your photocells switch LED lamps when others can't
A, Unlike other photocells our CelOptik range requires no load to operate properly, plus we uses the robust Silver-Tin-Oxide contacts in the relay. 

LED Flashers
Q, Which colour would be the brightest in my alarm box?
A, Watch this video 
Q, Which flasher product is the brightest?
A, Our T-BAR150 is the brightest followed by the T-BAR270 
Q How long do the batteries last in your flashers.
A The SF2AA5W1 should last 3 years + on Alkaline batteries, The TF2AA5W1 & HEXLED-B 2 years +.

Alarm boxes 
Q, How do I install your alarm boxes?
A, Watch this video 
Q, How do I fit the @Code-Security label.
A, Watch this video 
Q, How do I change the batteries
A, Watch this video 

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